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Episode 38 : Chris Cano

In Episode 38, Chris talks to Chris Cano about his time in Orson, performing with Ozomatli, being a session drummer, and his love for Chewbacca! It’s another great episode folks! CT

Check out Chris’s awesome bands at : Goldsboro & Dekades. You can also check out their Facebook pages here : Goldsboro & Dekades.


Check out the latest Dekades video by clicking the link here :

Dekades- The 1.1 Sessions- Malnourished from DEKADES on Vimeo.

Buy the self titled Goldsboro album in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below :


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Episode 37 : Roy Mayorga

In Episode 37, Chris talks to Roy Mayorga about his time working at CBGB’s, suffering a minor stroke, writing music as well as his love for it, being in Soulfly and Stone Sour, movie soundtracks and Star Wars!

Check out Roy’s main website at, and also make sure you go and ‘like’ his Facebook page here. You can also go check out Stone Sour’s website at and ‘like’ the Facebook page here.


Buy the latest Stone Sour album, ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2’ in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below :

In fact, don’t just buy Part 2, why not get Part 1 as well?! :

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Episode 36 : Jost Nickel

In Episode 36, Chris talks to Jost Nickel about his early influences, performing live at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, nerves, his new book that he is currently writing, studying at the Drummer Collective in New York  and Dexter (listen out for that Spoiler Alert…!). Another awesome episode!

Check out Jost’s main website at, his Facebook page here and also subscribe to his Youtube page here.


Check out the drum solo video filmed at a drum clinic featuring the track at the end of the podcast ‘B-Boys and Disko Girls’ by Jan Delay here :

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