Delivering your ears drum legend goodness since 2013!

Give the Drummer Some! is hosted by three people possessed by the power of percussion! They aim to talk to well known drummers about their own love for the drums and to hopefully find out a little more about them as people…


Chris Troy…

If you’re looking for the bassist from Praying Mantis, the fictional overly eyebrow preened plastic surgeon from ‘Nip/Tuck’ or the skateboarder, then sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place! Chris Troy is a massive drumming, music and movie geek! During the day, he makes drums with his company Supernova Drum Co. and in the afternoon/early evening he teaches his students how to play the drums at GLOBAL DRUM LESSONS.COM. He’s unfortunately known Quince for 10 years and Mr. Lars for 4, far too long in his opinion… Don’t talk about 80’s and early 90’s action movies with him, he’ll bore you to death…

Tom Ashcroft…

Tom is a drumming and music enthusiast who has, in recent years, has moved from the little isle of Jersey to London to pursue a degree in music at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He is an avid Breaking Bad and Doctor Who fan (seriously, he’ll talk for hours if these topics are brought up..so you’ve been warned) and likes to spend any other time he has off, reading and practicing. Tom is the drummer for London based electronic pop/rock band Resando!


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