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Episode 69 : Ray Luzier

In Episode 69, Chris and Tom talk to Ray Luzier about his playing style, the mighty Korn, KXM featuring dUg Pinnick and George Lynch, we chat about the amazing ‘DLR Band’ album and working with David Lee Roth and we find out that the new Slipknot Drummer is…! Another fun filled and fantastic Episode!

Check out Ray’s main website at and follow him on Twitter and Facebook!


Buy the excellent new album from KXM from Amazon in MP3 form by clicking on the link below! :

While you’re there, also get the incredible ‘DLR Band’ album from David Lee Roth that Ray plays on! 16 years old, dang! Once again in MP3 format from Amazon :

Great video for you folks, check out this amazing performance from a drum clinic in Florida! Wawazat!? :

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Episode 68 : Morgan Ågren

In Episode 68, Chris and Tom talk to Morgan Ågren about his unique approach on the drums, helping to create a musical form, his documentary ‘Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum’, Deerhoof, Fermented Herring and Captain Beefheart! What an epic adventure for all the family!

Find out more about Morgan by checking out his website at and by ‘liking’ his Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum Facebook page here!


Check out the Trailer for ‘Morgan Ågren’s Conundrum’ just below :

View the Documentary online here :

Buy the latest album by Mats/Morgan ‘Schack Tati’ in MP3 form by clicking on the link below! :

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Episode 67.5 : A Quick Word from Chris!

…And to hopefully make emends for not having a proper Episode this week, here’s a guy playing some tubes with slippers! Have a good week! GTDS


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Episode 67 : Presenter’s Special #2

Oh NO! Not another Presenter’s Special…!

Sorry folks! In this daring adventure of an Episode, Chris, Tom and Jord talk about the latest Drum News, Soundgarden (Tom’s not a fan!? WTF?), Mad Max, Spongebob Squarepants and we kind of review ‘Adventures of Power’! Holy Gaddzooks! What an Episode!

Screen shot 2014-08-11 at 09.26.55

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Episode 66 : Chuck Sabo & Darren Ashford

In Episode 66, Chris and Tom talk to London based drumming legends Chuck Sabo and Darren Ashford about their individual teaching practices, being a Musical Director, Elton John, studying music at University, German Shepherds and Physical Fitness! A truly fun filled and action packed adventure!

Check out Chuck’s website at, and Darren’s websites at and!

Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 14.54.23

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