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Episode 22 : Chad Szeliga

In Episode 22, Chris talks to Black Label Society Drummer Chad Szeliga about being in BLS, his time in Breaking Benjamin, his Faith, his new DVD from Drum Channel A.D.D, practicing underwater and Horror Movies! It’s all here Folks! Enjoy! CT

Check out Chad’s Facebook page here, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter here!


Buy the latest album from Black Label Society, ‘Unblackened’ in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below :


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Episode 21 : Rodney Holmes

In Episode 21 Chris has a blast talking to Mr. Rodney Holmes about Movies, Comic Books and Drums! Lots of things discussed such as the latest Batman movies, The Thing, Blade Runner, 2000 AD, Judge Dredd, The Hulk, Spawn, Elysium and oh yeah, Drums! Truly a fascinating interview with a potential special sequel coming soon… CT

Check out Rodney’s main website at and make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page here!


Buy the solo album from Rodney, ‘Twelve Months of October’ in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below :

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Episode 20 : John DeChristopher (Zildjian)

In Episode 20, Chris talks to John DeChristopher, former Vice President of A&R and Event Marketing at Zildjian about his amazing time with the company, his many legendary drumming friends (some of which you might have heard of!), the late, great Armand Zildjian and Dexter! Such a fun episode! CT

Check out John’s Facebook page here and his personal blog at reflecting on his amazing career.

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Episode 19 : Steve Moore

In Episode 19 Chris talks to the Mad Drummer at the wrong gig himself, Mr. Steve Moore! We talk about that infamous Youtube video (see below!), of course drums, the music industry, his new drumming friends, the band he plays for Rick K and the All Nighters, Dream Theater and CSI! A true gent and a great interview! CT

Check out Steve’s main website,, his Facebook pages here and here and follow him on Twitter here.


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