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Episode 47 : Iggor Cavalera

In Episode 47, Chris talks to Iggor Cavalera about his time in Sepultura, his current bands Cavalera Conspiracy and MixHell, breaking Sticks and Drumheads, almost working with Stewart Copeland, Stanley Kubrick and Godzilla!

Find out more about Iggor and his bands at the following links : Cavalera Conspiracy, Cavalera Conspiracy Facebook | MixHell, MixHell Facebook.


Buy the latest MixHell and Cavalera Conspiracy albums in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the links below :

Cavalera Conspiracy : Blunt Force Trauma

MixHell : Spaces


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Episode 46 : Darby Todd

In Episode 46, Tom talks to UK based session drummer Darby Todd about studying with Thomas Lang, his time with Hot Leg and The Darkness, Youtube/Internet trolls and the time he killed his neighbours prize winning tomato plant… It’s yet another fun filled and action packed Episode!

Check out Darby’s website at for more information!

darby 2

Check out Darby shredding like a madman on this drum solo at the Blues to Bop Festival in Switzerland! :

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Episode 45 : Dirk Verbeuren

In Episode 45, Chris talks to Dirk Verbeuren about technique, Dave Lombardo, a Prince, Bjork and Shane Embury Supergroup, working with Devin Townsend and Fredrik Thordendal, Sherlock and Monty Python! Hell’s teeth what a great Episode!

Check out Dirk’s main website at, you check out his Facebook page here, and also check out the websites for Soilwork, Scarve and Bent Sea!


Buy the latest Soilwork album, ‘The Living Infinite’ in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below :

… and while you’re there, why not buy the album we were talking about on the podcast, ‘The Panic Broadcast’? It’s truly awesome! :

Check out the video of Dirk recording ‘Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter’ from ‘The Panic Broadcast’ here:

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Episode 44 : Mark Pusey

In Episode 44, Tom talks to UK based Session Drummer Mark Pusey about the ups and downs of being a professional musician, meeting James Brown, the undying support from his parents throughout his career, his recent gigs in China and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’! Another great Episode!

Check out Mark’s main website at You can also follow him on Twitter here!

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 11.07.15

Here’s a video of Mark performing with Sir Tom Jones on the Paul O’Grady Show :

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