Episode 76.5

Sorry Folks! Another .5 Episode… Here’s Chris explaining the how’s and why’s!

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Episode 76 : George Sluppick

In Episode 76, Chris and Thomas talk to the immensely groovy George Sluppick about working with the mighty Chris Robinson, growing up in Memphis, Jim Keltner and Matt Chamberlain, Star Wars and Moonraker! You could call this Episode a rhythmical beast of gargantuan proportions! You lucky people!!!

Find out more about George at his main website at www.sluppick.com and follow him on Twitter! Also make sure you click and like : Chris Robinson Brotherhood | The City Champs.


Buy these great albums in MP3 format from Amazon by clicking on the links just below! :

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Phosphorescent Harvest

The City Champs – The Set Up

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Episode 75 : Truls Haugen & Cato Olaisen

In Episode 75, Chris talks to Norwegian Metal Vikings Truls Haugen (Insense and Circus Maximus) & Cato Olaisen (Ribozyme) about Lars Ulrich, Norwegian Fans, Star Wars, RomCom’s, Twin Peaks and eating Sheep’s Heads! Yikes! It’s a merauder of an episode!

Find out more about these great drummers by clicking on the following links : Ribozyme (Facebook), Insense (Website | Facebook) and Circus Maximus (Website | Facebook).

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 15.18.02

Click on the links below to buy a couple of great albums in mp3 format! :

Insense : De:Evolution

Ribozyme : Presenting the Problem

Also check out these videos! Outstanding!!! :


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Episode 74 : Jason Bittner

In Episode 74, Young Thomas talks to Metal Giant Jason Bittner about Shadow’s Fall being on hiatus, teaching, the highlights of his career and Slipknot! (He’s not the new drummer…!)

Find out more about Jason at his main website which can be found at www.jasonbittner.com and also make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page!


Holy Tasty Drum Solo’s Batman! Check this out! :

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Episode 73 : Presenter’s Special #3

Oh God… Not another Presenter’s Special! In this Episode, Chris, Tom and ‘Hot Rod’ discuss Slipknot, Overtone Singing, Books, Mastodon and Saturday Night Fever amongst other ramblings! Join us for some choice words and merriment!

Screen shot 2014-10-12 at 09.30.54

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Episode 72 : Herman Matthews

In Episode 72, Chris and Jord talk to groove maestro Herman Matthews about working with Hugh Laurie, Tom Jones and Tower of Power, Peanut Brittle and food, nerves, performing live and Blackadder! Yet another fun filled and action packed Episode! You lucky listeners…!

Find out more about Herman by checking out his website www.hermanmatthews.com and also make sure you ‘like‘ his Facebook page and ‘follow’ him on Twitter!


Buy Herman’s solo album in MP3 form from Amazon by clicking on the link below! :

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Episode 71.5

Greetings Listeners! Sorry, no full Episode this week… Chris explains!

As an extra sorry for no proper Episode this week, here’s a load of FailArmy videos for you to enjoy! You may have heard Chris & Tom talk about this awesome channel on a previous Episode. See you later!

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