Episode 75 : Truls Haugen & Cato Olaisen

In Episode 75, Chris talks to Norwegian Metal Vikings Truls Haugen (Insense and Circus Maximus) & Cato Olaisen (Ribozyme) about Lars Ulrich, Norwegian Fans, Star Wars, RomCom’s, Twin Peaks and eating Sheep’s Heads! Yikes! It’s a merauder of an episode!

Find out more about these great drummers by clicking on the following links : Ribozyme (Facebook), Insense (Website | Facebook) and Circus Maximus (Website | Facebook).

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 15.18.02

Click on the links below to buy a couple of great albums in mp3 format! :

Insense : De:Evolution

Ribozyme : Presenting the Problem

Also check out these videos! Outstanding!!! :



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2 responses to “Episode 75 : Truls Haugen & Cato Olaisen

  1. Magnus Berg

    Nothing happens when I press play on ep 75.

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