Episode 2 : Dom Famularo

In Episode 2 of ‘GTDS’ we talk to legendary educator & clinician Dom Famularo about his life, lessons, motivational speaking, teachers, travels and strange dinners! It was a great interview and very inspirational! Stay tuned at the end to hear some great John Bonham and Jim Marshall stories! Find out more about Dom at his main website with all the information about the Cycle of Self Empowerment and his great teaching facility : www.domfamularo.com.


Buy Dom’s book ‘The Cycle of Self Empowerment’ direct from Amazon by clicking the link below :



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2 responses to “Episode 2 : Dom Famularo

  1. Anthony

    How can you download this so I can put it on my ipod?

    • Hi!

      You will firstly need an account on iTunes. Search for ‘give the drummer some’ at the top right search section and you’ll see Give the Drummer Some! Podcast on the page. Click on it, then click Subscribe just below the red and yellow picture. Thanks! CT

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