Episode 58 : Travis Orbin

In Episode 58, Tom talks to Travis Orbin about polyrhythms, his time with Mike Mangini, working with Periphery and transcribing for Chris Adler’s book! Another drumtastic adventure!

Check out Travis’s main website at www.travisorbin.com and make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page here!


Check out Travis’s latest Youtube video below! Crazy! :

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Episode 57 : Ash Soan

In Episode 57, Chris and Tom talk to top UK session drummer Ash Soan about working with Adele, Vex Red and drumming for The Voice UK, recording, Gospel Chops and a tiny little bit about the Time Team! Great chat!

Check out Ash’s website at www.ashsoan.com ‘follow’ him on Twitter and make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page here : Ash Soan


Here’s a groove that Ash is working on for the upcoming Jeff Lorber Shows! The track is called ‘Chinese Medicinal Herbs’. :


We spoke a lot about this album so why not add it into your iTunes?! It’s fantastic and Ash does an incredible job on it! Buy in MP3 format from Amazon by clicking on the link just below! :

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Episode 56 : Presenter’s Special #1

Hey Folks! We did a Presenter’s Special! Sorry about that…

In this fun filled and action packed Episode we kinda tell you about what’s happening with the Podcast, we talk about The Winery Dogs, Godzilla and his buddy Jet Jaguar, Boobies on Game of Thrones, Breaking ‘Bloody’ Bad… Again(!) and we study the epic infamous documentary ‘Beware of Mr.Baker’! We had fun, we hope you do too!

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 21.57.45

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Episode 55 : Forrest Robinson

In Episode 55, Tom talks to Forrest Robinson about his Grandmothers importance in introducing him to the drums, his love of books, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in particular, his passion for a broad range of music from Heavy Metal to R&B and he gives great advice to aspiring musicians! What an Episode!

Check out Forrest’s Facebook page here!


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Episode 54 : Joe Bergamini

In Episode 54, Tom talks to Joe Bergamini about his time studying with the great Dom Famularo, working with Neil Peart, working on Broadway and his love of teaching. Another belter of an episode!

Find out more about Joe by visiting his website at www.joebergamini.com!


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Episode 53 : Dave Elitch

In Episode 53, Tom talks to Dave Elitch about his time with Miley Cyrus, his bands Antemasque and Killer Be Killed, his love of cars and art and how the comedian Louie CK not only makes you laugh but also makes you think… Another cracking Episode!

For more information on Dave, check out his main website at www.daveelitch.com! Also make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page here! You can also check out the pages of Dave’s band here : Killer Be Killed / Antemasque.


Check out Dave giving the drumkit some at the Laguna Drumfest in 2013! :

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Episode 52 : Frank Ferrer

In Episode 52, Chris and our newest co host Jordan talk to the mighty Frank Ferrer of Guns n’ Roses about his time in the band, what Axl is really like, playing arenas, Pole Dancers, Netflix and Batman! We also have our very first ‘Guess the Fill’ Game! What a great Episode! So much fun!

Find out more about Frank and Guns n’ Roses at their main website at www.gunsnroses.com! Also make sure you ‘like’ them on their Facebook page!


What do you mean you don’t have ‘Chinese Democracy’?! Buy it in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the link below! :

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