Episode 64 : Ben Sesar

In Episode 64, Chris and Tom talk to Country drumming ace Ben Sesar about technique, playing drums for Brad Paisley, teaching the drums, Food, Masterchef and Waterskiing Squirrels! Fun filled and action packed? You betcha!

Find out more on Ben and his online lessons at www.bensesar.com and hit that ‘like’ button on his Facebook page here!


Check out the introduction video for Ben’s Lessons on his website! :

Buy Brad Paisley’s ‘Wheelhouse’ album featuring Ben in MP3 format from Amazon by clicking on the picture below! :

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Episode 63 : The Jungle Drummer

In Episode 63, Chris and Tom talk to The Jungle Drummer about how he had to stop playing the drums for a while, his new project, the Sticks in Motion website, playing live dance music, his documentary, football and we test Jungle in the now infamous ‘Drummer Challenge’! Woooohahaha!

Check out Jungle’s main website at thejungledrummer.com and also make sure you check out Sticks In Motion!


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Episode 62 : Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass & Bruce Becker

In Episode 62, Chris and Tom talk to Mark Schulman, Daniel Glass and Bruce Becker about their Triple Threat Drum Camp that is happening July 18th, 19th and 20th! We had a fantastic time talking to these fine gents using our brand new format for the podcast! Other things discussed were Spinal Tap, The Brady Bunch, Seinfeld, Freddie Gruber, playing live, Motley Crue and Kiss! An all out action packed frenetically charged family feast of an adventure!

Find out more about these great drummers by clicking on the following links! :

Mark Schulman : Website | Facebook

Daniel Glass : Website | Facebook

Bruce Becker : Website | Facebook

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 12.54.13

Check out the Triple Threat Drum Camp Promo Video here :

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Episode 61 : Gavin Harrison

In Episode 61, Chris and Tom talk to Gavin Harrison about the King Crimson rehearsals, the Guitar Center drum duet with Simon Phillips, performing a solo on The Late Show with David Letterman, Porcupine Tree, working with 05Ric, Veep and Dexter! Another fun filled Episode!

Find out more on Gavin by going to his main website at www.gavharrison.com and make sure you hit ‘Like’ button on Facebook here!

Gav Kit 1

Had to add this video on here! Check out 1 of 4 amazing performances by Gavin and Simon Phillips at the 2010 Guitar Center Drum Off! Unreal! :

Buy Gavin’s latest book ‘Rhythmic Composition’ from Amazon at the following link :

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Episode 60 : Austin ‘Oz’ Lane

In Episode 60, Chris talks to friend and drummer for the band Seven Austin ‘Oz’ Lane about the release of their first album 20 years in the making(!), drums, Gavin Harrison, being in a band in the late 80’s, a possible movie about their story and Jason Donovan! Another cracking Episode!

Find out more about Seven by going to their main Fanpage on Facebook here!


Buy the recently released album ‘7’ by Seven in MP3 format from Amazon by clicking on the link just below! :

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Episode 59 : Dr. Steve Gadd

In Episode 59, Chris and our brand new special co-host John DeChristopher talk to Dr. Steve Gadd where we listen back to some of his classic recordings, hear some great stories from the ‘Mission from Gadd’ Clinics, talk about Ringo Starr, his great drum sound, his tattoos, Breaking Bad and Phoenix Nights! What an incredible Episode, so much fun!

To find out more, please check out Dr. Gadd’s main website at www.drstevegadd.com and make sure you like his official Facebook page here!


Want to add a great album to your collection? Then buy the latest album from the Steve Gadd Band ‘Gadditude’ in MP3 form directly from Amazon by clicking the links below :

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Episode 58 : Travis Orbin

In Episode 58, Tom talks to Travis Orbin about polyrhythms, his time with Mike Mangini, working with Periphery and transcribing for Chris Adler’s book! Another drumtastic adventure!

Check out Travis’s main website at www.travisorbin.com and make sure you ‘like’ his Facebook page here!


Check out Travis’s latest Youtube video below! Crazy! :

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